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  • Chronology of the Life of Jesus Christ
    (A. J. Maas). This site has been very useful for doing this harmony. In the same site, the page studies the main biblical dates.

  • /
    Harmony from the book The Fourfold Gospel (1914), J. W. McGarvey and Philip Y. Pendleton

  • Synoptic Parallels
    Complete Harmony, with another navigation style (frames with cross references).

    The text from Agustine "Harmony of the Gospels", an example of the efforts undertaken by the first Fathers to coordinate the texts from the gospels, in aswer to the attacks from the unveliebers. The introduction includes an interesting historical report.

  • The Sinoptic Problem Page
    One of the many sites devoted to the "Synoptic problem"

  • Life of Christ
    Chronology and additional information. Nice site.

  • A Four-Part Armony of the Gospels
    This Harmony gets the biblical texts on-line from an external server (

    Several maps from the New Testament.

    Persons and places from the New Testament

    More data about Palestine at the times of Jesus' life

  • Chronological Study of the Life of Christ

    About the city of Capernaum

    Geographical data about the New Testament

    Biblical software. Commercial, but with a demo version that can be queried to obtain data about persons, dates, etc

  • Altavista search Search in Altavista engine for the expresion "Harmony of the gospels"

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