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A "Life of Jesus" according to the Gospels

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This is a complete "Harmony of the Gospels", including the full texts of the four Gospels, in parallel and cronologically arranged. The geography of the events is also indicated.

Similar tasks were already undertaken in the first centuries of the christian age (Tatian, about A.D.160; Ammonious of Alexandria, A.D. 220); the motivation came mainly from the parallel places found in the synoptic gospels. This harmony is based on that published by P. Leonardo Castellani, in his book El Evangelio de Jesucristo, which was itself based on many other previous works.

I have adopted the following fundamental dates:

This dates should be taken as approximate; the majority of the scholars diverge in no more than two years. The precision is better for some intervals of time: for example, the duration of the public life of Christ (tree years plus some months, covering four PAssovers) is regarded as very probable.
Hence, when an event is dated with month and year (eg: Jan 29), the date should be understood as merely possible; it's just a mean to ease the following of the chronology. Also the order (and the identification) of the events, and the pathways in the maps are only probable.
Further, in this harmony, each verse of each gospel appears once. This implies some arbitrariness, as some texts may belong to more than one places: surely Jesus repeated some of his teachings on distinct occasions.

To ease the presentation, I have divided the life of Christ into 14 sections; an index and summary of all sections can be found here. Also included is a page that resumes the geographical and historical facts.

The texts of the New testament were taken from the World English Bible,

Regarding the navigation of this harmony, two things should be noticed:

If you are interested in this work, you may prefer to copy it to your computer, to browse it offline. You can mail me at and I'll send you a copy to install (free, of course). Also, comments, corrections and suggestions are welcomed.

This harmony was done with the only purpose of increasing our knowledge of the life of Jesus, and the devotion to our Lord and Savior.

In thanksgiving

  Hernán J. González
Buenos Aires, Argentina - March 2001
Last revision: 08/09/2001